Budget Speech: Platform to defend his personal interest

Shafie Apdal

OLEH : Nixon Hj Habi

It is time to call it a day.

22 years as MP.

His speech on budget 2018 is a complete waste.

He could have touched issues that are related to Semporna. But he used the platform to defend his personal interest where he could have used other appropriate avenue.

Issues such as health, education, tourism, infrastructure were ignored.


His opposition to the 1Billion fund allocation for Sabah and Sarawak to improve telecommunication system is simply mindblogging. It goes to show how inept he is.

When the whole world is now embracing Digital Economy he chose to bring the people to the dark ages. May be he needs to be reminded that Semporna can also produce its own “Jack Ma”, “Steve Jobs”, “Bill Gates” given the right environment and leadership.

Wise men said. Only fools rushed in.

And of course he is another fool when he could not even bother to check the right fact.

In his desperation to defend himself he dragged a certain young Sabahan professional into the limelight. He is not the Sabah Umno Youth Secretary, but a Deputy Chief.

How could he commit an elementary mistake… It is indeed time for him to go…. it is wise to spend that remaining little precious time with his family, or is it extended families?.

Stop being a burden to the people. Let it go…. Let it go…. Let it go… if you really care for the people.

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